Best Basal Thermometers

3 Best Basal Thermometers To Monitor Ovulation

In recent years, the so-called basal thermometers have become fashionable, especially to be used by those women who are trying to become pregnant, since it allows them to keep track of their basal body temperature, thus becoming a good way to track your ovulation. In addition, one of the greatest benefits of using this method is its low cost, since many of the thermometers developed for this purpose that you can find at the moment in the market are generally characterized by their low price. And, in addition, for its enormous ease of use. But which one to choose? To help you in the process we have made an interesting compilation of some of the best basal thermometersuseful for the control of ovulation. But let’s go in parts.

What Is A Basal Thermometer And How Can We Use It?

As its own name might help to indicate, a basal thermometer is a device especially used to identify when ovulation has occurred in women, since when this occurs it is usual that the basal body temperature (that is, the temperature that our body has when we are completely at rest) increases slightly.

In this way, if a basal body temperature has been recorded in the days before ovulation should theoretically occur (especially if your cycle is usually regular), it can be useful to learn a little more about your fertility and discover on which days you can be most fertile, which are basically two or three days before the temperature rises.

It is characterized by being an inexpensive method and without any type of side effect. And not only can it be used as a natural family planning method, it can also be helpful in detecting pregnancy. Since, after ovulation, a sustained increase in basal body temperature, which tends to last 18 days or more, can be an early indicator of pregnancy.

Some Of The Best Basal Thermometers You Can Buy Right Now

Beurer Ot-30 Digital Basal Thermometer

There is no doubt that Beurer is a recognized brand in the healthcare sector. It has a wide range of different products for use at home, such as digital blood pressure monitors or thermometers, among which we can find this OT-30 digital basal thermometer .

It is a thermometer to control basal body temperature with bluetooth technology, to check ovulation, which can be used to measure temperature orally or vaginally.

It incorporates an LED ring that lights up through a bluetooth transmitter, and helps to calculate the cycle for proper family planning through Ovy technology, which offers the possibility of manually recording the temperature and remembering up to 30 previous measurements. In this way, it is possible to do a much more exhaustive monitoring through the app.

It also has a flexible sensor and an extra-large two-digit display after the comma, ideal for knowing exactly what the body temperature is.

Basal Thermometer Femometer Vinca

If you are looking for a basal thermometer that goes a little further, the Femometer Vinca basal thermometer is extremely useful, since it comes with bluetooth technology, whose temperature measurement data is automatically transmitted to the application. In addition, the app can generate BBT curves and intelligently analyze ovulation, the most fertile phases and menstruation.

It has a resolution of 0.001 ºC, and in just 30 seconds it is perfectly possible to know what the temperature is. In this way, a measurement that is not only fast, but also accurate can be enjoyed in seconds.

In addition, it can be used easily, since there is no button or switch. As soon as the protective cap is removed, you are ready to take the measurement. So when the cap is put back in place, it will go into power saving mode.

It is capable of storing 300 sets of temperature data, which can be synchronized with the app on the phone at any time. Also, the thermometer itself comes with an alarm whose sound is soft (and volume adjustable).

Easy @ Home Digital Basal Thermometer

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a digital basal thermometer that, in addition to being equally simple to use, is somewhat cheaper, the Easy @ Home digital basal thermometer will be extremely useful, mainly because of its low price.

It allows to measure basal temperature with high precision of clinical measurement, thus allowing monitoring of ovulation and a much more natural family planning. It takes around 90 seconds to get the measurement as it tends to read the temperature more accurately.

It has a large blue screen with backlight, so it can be easily used in the dark. In addition, it records up to 30 temperature measurements, and thanks to the app it is possible to see in graphs a much more precise and exact measurement, useful to get a better idea.

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