Starbucks Sriracha

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Starbucks has introduced Sriracha for their condiments range in 2016 due to customers' immense requests seeking a sweet, but hot and spicy sauce mainly for their sandwich indulgence. This is a spicy chili sauce. Sriracha can be added to any dish you like, and you'll get a variety of vitamins, salt, and iron. Capsaicin, which is found in Chili, may have beneficial effects for your heart. In addition, it may help you lose weight and Capsaicin is considered as an anticancer agent too.

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Making Homemade Sriracha

This easy home-made sriracha can be made by blending 7 ingredients until they form a paste.

You can add a little habanero to the mix if you want it hotter.

Add it to Thai dishes you love, like our Creamy Thai Carrot Soup, Pumpkin Yellow Curry in a 1-Pot, and Easy Tofu pad Thai. Also delicious in our Coconut Curry Ramen and 30-Minute Stir Fry. Try it as an aioli in one of the following recipes: Cauliflower Banh Mi or Crispy Garlic Sprouts With Sriracha Aioli. The possibilities are endless!

Starbucks Sriracha

What Makes Up The Sriracha Sauce At Starbucks?

Upon drizzling Sriracha on your sandwich, salad or focaccia rolls you would end up with a gourmet dish just as a magical food cart. The majority of the experiencers have been reviewed that the sauce starts with a sweet tone and you would find your final bite in a spicy kick..!

Let's look at how Sriracha made its way to Starbucks.

Rachel'S Ginger Beer


Rachel Marshall, the founder of Rachel's Ginger Beer, tragically died at age 43 in April. Seattle's food and beverage community will remember Rachel Marshall as a warm and devoted businesswoman and friend. Marshall started selling her fizzy, spicy-sweet ginger beer at Seattle farmers markets in 2013, and her beloved eponymous elixir is now available in three locations across the city (plus one in Portland), available in distinctive flavors like pink guava, cucumber tarragon, and caramelized pineapple.

Starbucks Sriracha

Sriracha Over Eggs

Aside from being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is also the first opportunity of the day to increase metabolism activity. In fact, according to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, eating breakfast can increase improve your metabolism by up to 10 percent. And a study by Canadian researchers found that men who ate spicy appetizers consumed 200 fewer calories at later meals than those that did not. In other words, starting your day with spice just might help you consume fewer calories throughout the day.

Short History of the Sauce

A friend recently introduced me to this amazing sauce; since then, it has become one of my favorites. Starbucks added this delicious sauce to their line of condiments back in 2016. Surprisingly, few people are aware that it exists. Those who know about this spicy sauce will request the barista for a sachet or two to enjoy with their salads or sandwiches. The company apparently decided to add the spicy sauce to their condiment lineup after receiving many requests from loyal customers.


Starbucks Sriracha

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My husband and I both love to cook. It inspires me try out new recipes, and to create delicious combinations. For my husband, the spicier the food, the more he enjoys it. That is why we use a lot of hot sauces and spices in our food. I keep trying various food combination ideas and some of the most unique food combinations that I have tried are using Sriracha and Coffee.

I think the best way to enjoy Sriracha is with Seafood. You can also use it to spice up a bowl of rice or any Pad Thai dish. I love to try it on soups, stir-fries, burgers, and more. Of course, you could always use it to spice up a bowl of rice.

Recently, I started experimenting with Sriracha and Coffee. I am a coffee enthusiast and I LOVE coffee. So I thought, why not add a dash of Sriracha to my espresso from my Sriracha2Go Keychain and see how it tastes? The result was delicious!

Dick'S Drive-In


The orange neon light of the Seattle landmark's old-school burger joint might not be the most delicious, but it is sure to draw in scores of people. The Dick's Deluxe is a piece of heaven, with a lot of special sauce. Also try their peppermint stick sundae if they have it (there was a shortage early in 2023). Or a chocolate shake dipped by hand to dip their crispy fries.

Heart Health

The first and foremost health benefit is supporting your heart health. Capsaicin, a compound found in Chili, helps Angina patients. In addition, it may help such patients to increase their ability to exercise (5). The claims are not yet supported by research.

Capsaicin is also considered an anti-cancer agent.

Garlic is also beneficial for health.

Due to garlic, cholesterols and triglycerides in your blood may lower. This is happy to have conditions especially for those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases (5).

Starbucks Sriracha

Can You Buy Starbucks Sriracha?

Starbucks' Sriracha sauce isn't available for purchase yet. Get these complimentary packets instead.

Starbucks gives Sriracha packets to loyal customers for free. Customers can also request the packet of Sriracha sauce at no additional charge when placing their orders.

Starbucks is happy to accommodate customers who request to order multiple packs of their favorite items to be saved for later.

Therefore, if you want to use the sriracha sauce at a later date, you can simply ask for extra packets when placing an order and save them in your fridge.

) Espresso: (0 Smartpoints)

Espresso also makes a great drink for Weight Watchers as it contains no SmartPoints. Some people opt for a 'red eye' when ordering their Starbucks drink, which means an extra shot in your espresso or coffee. Personally, i think the caffeine in a single Starbucks espresso is enough, though!

Starbucks' fresh filter coffees are a great choice for anyone counting WW points. You can choose from two to three varieties like Pike Place Roast, Blonde or Pike Place Roast. They are all Zero SmartPoints black.

If you decide to add sugar and cream, you will lose a few points.

*Best WeightWatchers deals? Enjoy 3 free months, a free smartscale, or 4 free months!

Tip: Consider asking for soy or almond milk instead of cream, whole milk, or half and half!

The blonde roasts have more caffeine, which is a great way to start your morning. Pike Place is a good choice for women and men who want something with less caffeine but a similar flavor. It has 30mg fewer than Blonde, if you choose the Grande option.

What is the SmartPoints per glass of wine?